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Tournament Preparation!

Got a tournament here on Clear Lake in the future and you have little or no experience on the lake? Maybe you have fished tournaments here in the past and been disappointed with the results and left wondering, ”What did we miss?”

I have worked with tournament fishermen from the club level to the touring pro anglers of the B.A.S.S. organization, helping prepare them for upcoming competitions. The fall team tournament fish-off season is a busy one for me.

Here is the deal. I will only work with one angler or team per tournament event. I have good references to share with you. I am a tournament angler and understand how important these events are to you. By focusing on you and your needs, you will save time, energy, and money by having me set up your practice. I will spend time communicating with you to determine your preferred fishing style so you can fish your strength rather than trying to learn something new during your event.

You will know the winning patterns, locations, which water to concentrate your practice on, and what type of pressure these areas will see during the event. I average 200 days a year on Clear Lake. My partner and I win tournaments here each year. With my experience and your skills, you will fish a better event. There will be no secrets and you will not have to worry about 3 other anglers/teams competing against you being shown the same stuff. You will also have the opportunity to review your practice results with me within the rules of your particular event.

It is your responsibility to know the specific practice/getting information rules of your event, not mine. I will not practice with you the week of the tournament, it is too close to the days of competition and I do not believe in sticking fish or being on the right water in the days immediately preceding the event.

The fee for my tournament preparation service is $1,000. Call or email me.

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