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Large Bass from Clear Lake
  • Full day trips for up to two people
  • Lake orientation tours
  • Lure/Presentation "how to" instruction
  • Personalized instruction
  • Premium and attentive service
  • Local lodging assistance
  • Group Trips
  • Live bait trips

Clear Lake Guide Service


Please remember that people under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. A $150 deposit is required to hold a date, but you may reschedule a date within one year of the original date with minimum 7 days notice.

The Clear Lake California Fishery

The Clear Lake fishery has gone through numerous peaks and valleys during the past 30+ years. The lake has been going through one of those valleys the last year or so. The Threadfin Shad population has suffered the last couple of years which challenges all the gamefish population here. Many anglers have left the lake wondering what has happened to change the fishery.

For the competitive angler the experience can be mind boggling. Anywhere else in the country a 25 lb bag of fish in a tournament means a top finish or win. Here, it might not even place an angler in the money. Many of the Spring time events see multiple 30+ lb limits.

While the lake's reputation for producing heavy limits of fish in competition is well earned, the flip side of that reputation is the lake's fish are not an easy catch. Visitors show up each year after hearing about big weights in tournaments only to find that they either can't accomplish the same results or worse yet, they are having a hard time just catching fish at all. Clear Lake's bass population is primarily made up of Florida strain largemouth, a notoriously finicky species. They are just as easy to catch some times as they can be very difficult, leaving you scratching your head.

The bass here are thick bodied and heavy by nature. It is not uncommon to catch a four pound fish with a two pounder mouth! They also fight hard. The average fish here is a 2.5 to 3 lb class fish. That size is an average that can move up to the 4 lb class seasonally. Even with the slip in the fishery your personal best fish is probably swimming around out there right now!

Each year visitors show up planning on whacking away at this world class fishery. Some will be successful, some will not. If you are coming here for the first time and planning on an extended stay to fish, do yourself a favor and hire a guide, whether me or one of my peers. We'll get you off to a good start, get you dialed in to the locations around the lake producing, and the baits to use. Then you can spend the rest of your time catching instead of fishing. Most of you will spend quite a bit of time, energy, and money to get here, do yourself a favor and let us get you started in the right direction on day 1.

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