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Bass Fishing on Clear Lake in Northern California

Locations, Techniques, and Fishing Tips

Welcome to Clear Lake Guide Service, the website with all you need to know about bass fishing Clear Lake or anywhere else for that matter!

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Bass fishing on Clear Lake is an outstanding experience. The scenery of the area is beautiful. Wildlife is abundant from Bald Eagles to river otters. Public access is very good with public launching facilities on all arms of the lake. The fishery is excellent with a healthy population of Florida strain largemouth bass that are thick bodied and full bellied. Most of the year, the typical bass you catch will resemble the body of fish ready to spawn.

As a refresher, we are talking about Clear Lake, California, a natural lake with almost 44,000 surface acres of water. Typical water fluctuation is only about 7 vertical feet a year! The lake surface is approximately 1,325 feet above sea level and while the deepest spot on the lake is barely 50 feet deep, most of the lake is less than 25 feet deep.

Throughout my website, I share my insights into what happens on Clear Lake during the different fishing seasons.

-Ross England

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